Monday, 14 June 2010

Wreckage (Freddie Mercury) Green


Richard Thompson (drummer with 1984 (Brian May's first band) and IBEX and Wreckage (Freddie Mercury's bands in 1969)) has contacted Queen in Cornwall and provided some more information about Smile's many visits to Cornwall in the late sixties:

I didn't keep a diary then so most dates are very hazy.

I do remember watching the Moon landings at Roger's mums house in 1969.
They must have had a gig that night too.

We used to go to the beaches as well but we didn't surf !
I mainly stayed at Les Browns parent's house in Truro.

He was at Imperial with Brian, but I lost touch we he went to Paris
to work.
We went down almost every other weekend in those days as petrol weas cheap.


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