Friday, 4 June 2010

Roger Brokenshire

Met with Roger Brokenshire this evening, who phoned me in response to the West Briton article (see below)

Roger was lead singer with 'The Reaction' during 1966, when the band won the Rock and Rhythm Championship at the City Hall in Cornwall.

He has a picture (above) of the Reaction taken that evening which is an original B&W print - and it may be unique. I don't think I've seen this anywhere else on the web...Roger Taylor is at the back sitting at his drums.

This better known image (below) was taken the same night.


He remembers, amongst other things, walking up the hill with Roger T and practising in the garage at his Mum's house after school.

Roger B also has a nice photocopy of the programme from the day of the contest that is eight sides all together (below), and which details the names of the judges, the names of all the bands and includes adverts for a number of music shops. A real collectors item.

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