Friday, 11 June 2010

Info on the Drill Hall: PJs took over a venue that had been used for dances for decades

Researching PJ's again the site may have previously been known as Moresk Drill Hall. Here is a recollection of war-time Truro that I found on the web. The Doughnut Dugout sounds scary...

'Our girls weren’t slow in getting to know the Americans, often at the Doughnut Dug-out or in the dance halls. Moresk Drill Hall was popular and Tremorvah, where we would pile in for the Swing Band sessions. St John’s Ambulance Hall was also used for dances. We got to know new music - swing, jazz and jiving to One O’clock Jump, In the Mood and Skyliner. To see our girls being lifted and thrown around in a jive session was something else, with the Yanks adopting awkward stances, spinning the girl, swinging her on his hips. Sedate ballroom dancing was out of it'.

There are photos too from this time: this was a party at Christmas 1941.

The only problem with this is that there is another Drill Hall in Moresk. And another in Hendra and one near the cathedral that is a DVD rental shop now...while I'm trying to figure out which one is which, here is a map of the area from 1930 that a kind lady in Redruth Cornwall Studies found for me.


The two crosses show where PJs must have been and where the current TA Drill Hall is. Between them, there are mainly smallish residential plots by the look of it. It's very different now (see earlier post below)...The current TA Drill Hall looks like it was built in the 30s or 40s but it is not shown on this map.

I found PJs under 'clubs' in a 1970 phone book, address: Moresk Road. Also, looking at an O/S map from 1880, I noticed the lower end of Moresk Road was then called Goodwives Lane...


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