Sunday, 13 June 2010

Paul Brown

Paul Brown phoned me tonight. He was the keyboardist/synthesizer player with Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come when they headlined above Queen in Carnon Downs at the Tregye gig (see earlier posts below - and above).

At the time that he joined the band he had never seen a synthesizer before. But he learnt to play one of the very early EMS synths as used by the BBC Radiophonic workshop on the Dr Who theme.

He remembered the Tregye gig very well, and was able to confirm that although there were no burning crucifixes that night (shame), the set both musically and in terms of the 'visuals' was very similar to that at Glastonbury (see video below).

He spoke very fondly of Arthur Brown who he has stayed in touch with, and explained that the singer was held in very high regard by all the important artists of the late sixties/early seventies.

More to come on this!

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