Thursday, 10 June 2010

PJs: a reminder of how much this part of Truro has changed...

Smile (Roger Taylor, Brian May and Tim Staffell) played PJs 8 times in 1969, and 5 times in 1970 (possibly with Freddie Mercury singing on a couple of occasions as it is known that Tim didn't always come down to Cornwall - but this needs confirmation) and Queen played there once. But the site has been developed extensively and these pictures tell the story:

This building may have had something to do with PJs (Roger Taylor himself has sent us a message regarding this (see post below)). Except that the entrance to PJs was on Moresk Road (not Pydar Street which is the street pictured). In fact there seem to be very few pictures of Moresk Road as it was but lets hope something will yet turn up.

The site was redeveloped over the next few years: by 1972 St Clements Road linking Trafalgar Roundabout and Moresk was built...


And this is what came instead!


The photograph is 1978, the Tesco development was I think, 1977.

Below is a different angle of Pydar Street from the early 70s...Note Clive Mitchells bike shop.

And lastly whilst we're on views of Truro, this shows WHSmith when it was near the City Hall on Boscawen Street in the late 60s. Rik has said that the railings in front of the shop were where Roger Taylor, together with a number of other lads, used to meet up. You can see matching railings nearer the camera to the right of the picture too. The building on the right is Lloyds bank and it's still there.

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