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Creatively weird....neither Reaction or Smile gigs are well documented...

Spent some time looking at the West Briton microfiches again today. Found a few adverts and articles of relevance to Queen in Cornwall. One advert for The Summer Coast Sound Experience was the pick of the bunch. I dont think it has been reproduced before...

The text is fantastic: 'Easter Monday Happening at Trevellas Cove...signposted specially...witness the sounds of the incredible REACTION...Creatively weird LIGHT SHOWS. Food and drink, all in the most LIT-UP MARQUEE ALIVE. We'll sell you this experience for only 6s'

This advert was probably placed by Rik Evans in consultation with Roger Taylor.

This gig at Trevellas Cove was described in Record Collector as one of Reactions last. May be someone told them it took place in September 1968, just before Roger and Mike went back to Uni. But unless there were two gigs at Trevellas (or the advert in the paper is wrong) it didn't, hence the line-up in the picture below with Rick Penrose still on bass...


Anyway for the record here, based on the adverts, are other Reaction venues and dates from 1968 (and all these adverts will be reproduced in the exhibition at the museum)

January 15th, Truro City Hall, Top Group Championship as ‘The Fantastics’
January 19th Penmare Hotel, Hayle 'Beat Night with The Reaction 7.30 - 11.00'
February 17th Princess Pavilions ‘The Peace and Quiet plus the Fantastics’
March16th, Godolphin Hall, Helston 'Fantastic New Reaction: Light Show, oils etc Records, best, latest, Go-go Girls, Cokes, in fact everything'
April 5th, Penmare Hotel, Hayle,
April 6th , Blue Lagoon, Newquay, ‘Fantastic Harmony Action The Californians plus THE RE-ACTION’April 11th, Winter Gardens, Penzance;
April 15th Trevellas Cove, St Agnes ('Preview of the Summer Coast Sound Experience...creatively weird light shows)
May 3rd Penmare Hotel
May 18th Princess Pavilions, Falmouth The fantastic Trucial State plus the Reaction
June 1st Perranporth Memorial Hall Perranzabuloe Improvements Committee
3rd or 17th May, Penmare Hotel, Hayle (the advert was placed twice - I think the first was a mistake);
July 7th, Perranporth Beach (Ladies Surf Championships)
July 13th Princess Pavilion, Falmouth;
July 27th, Mullion WI;
August 28th Godolphin Hall, Helston Recently returned from London Cornwall oldest-established and best group The Reaction!

These should be considered alongside the Summer Coast Sound Experience gigs that Rik Evans has described (see earlier posts below). As well as Trevellas Porth these were at Carnon Downs, Mevagissey, Perranporth, St Mawes and possibly Porthtowan. It should also be noted that Roger and Mike were at University in London and Oxford respectively hence, particularly in 1968, the gigs tend to cluster around holiday periods.

UPDATE 8/7/10: Mike Dudley has been able to confirm that being at College in London and Oxford respectively was no impediment to Roger and Mike performing with Reaction in Cornwall: they would happily just drive down for the weekend, and this was particularly the case during their first term at College (Autumn '67)

Some sources have said that a gig at Princess Pavilion was the last one Reaction played...that will be worth trying to double check. There is no advert for a gig there, however, other than the one on July 13th.

UPDATE 21/6/10:
Two more 1968 gigs in the microfiches
March 15th, Penmare Hotel, Hayle
March16th, Godolphin Hall, Helston
The advert for the latter reads: Fantastic New Reaction: Light Show, oils etc Records, best, latest, Go-go Girls, Cokes, in fact everything

UPDATE 22/6/10
Mike Grose says he recalls playing guitar at the Penmare Hotel with Reaction shortly after the Goss Moor accident

UPDATE 27/6/10
As promised microfiched adverts from 1967 together with other significant events:
January 7th The Flamingo, Redruth (support to Wishful Thinking)
January 16th Truro City Hall Rock and Rhythm Championship (as guest artistes)
January 26th Penmare Hotel, Hayle
Feb 11th CRASH ON GOSS MOOR (en route to gig booked in Dobwalls)
Feb 18th The Flamingo, Redruth (support to The Quiet Five)
Feb 24th Penmare Hotel, Hayle
March 4th Princess Pavilion, Falmouth (support to The Charade)
March 10th Penmare Hotel, Hayle
March 11th Blue Lagoon, Newquay (support to Chris Lamb and the Irish Show Band)
March 30th Penmare Hotel, Hayle
April 7th Penmare Hotel, Hayle
April 15th Flamingo (support to the Mighty Anzacs)
April 21st Truro City Hall Annexe
April 28th Penmare Hotel, Hayle
May 4th Skating Rink, Camborne
May 25th Winter gardens, Penzance (support to Danny and the Belmonts)

UPDATE 28/7/10:
The rest of '67 West Briton ads
June Roger and others taking A-levels?
July 27th Skating Rink Camborne
August 4th Hayle Rugby Club 'Beat Dance Barbeque: Open Air Floodlit Dancing'
August 9th Flamingo (support to the Kinks but not advertised)
August 23rd Truro City Hall Annexe (with Modesty Blues)
August 24th St Agnes Beach 'Barbeque and Dance'
Sept 2nd St Keverne Village Hall 'Beat Dance'
Roger T, Mike Dudley and Geoff Daniel go to University
October 20th Penmare Hotel, Hayle
October 21st St Keverne Village Hall 'Beat Dance'
November 10th Penmare Hotel, Hayle 'Beat Night'
November 24th Dungeon Cellar Club, Old Prison, Bodmin (with Sam's Brothers Band)
December 1st Penmare Hotel, Hayle 'Beat Night'
December 2nd Dungeon Cellar Club, Old Prison, Bodmin
December 8th Majestic Discoteque, Camborne
December 9th Moresk Drill Hall 'St Kea Youth Club, Christmas Dance'
December 16th Truro City Hall 'Rave nite'
December 22nd Penmare Hotel, Hayle 'Xmas Entertainment'
December 23rd Princess Pavilion, Falmouth 'Beat Dance' (with The Cellar Rats)

UPDATE 30/6/10:
West Briton ads from 1966
8th Jan Princess Pavilion, Falmouth (support to The Couriers from Plymouth)
12th Feb Lambeage Hall, Coverack (Coverack Youth Club Grand Dance)
5th March Lambeage Hall, Coverack (Helston and Kerrier Young Conservatives Beat Dance)
7th March City Hall Truro, Rock and Rhythm Championship.
10th March West Briton article
12th March Princess Pavilion, Falmouth (Rock and Rhythm champions supported by Blues by Four)
17th March Flamingo, Redruth (supporting Gerry and the Pacemakers)
24/3/66 advert: 'Don't book a group book a spectacle'
7th May Godolphin Hall, Helston ('Big Beat Dance' Supported by Little Johnny and the Giants)
14th May The Flamingo Ballroom, Redruth (support to Don Shinn's Soul Agents)
20th May Penmare Hotel, Hayle ('Friday Night is Beat night with the Reaction Cornwalls champion group')
11th June The Old Barn Club Eastern Green Penzance

West Briton ads from late 1966
6th August The Flamingo Ballroom, Redruth (support to the Applejacks)
15th August Dartmouth (Ricky Penrose joins band to replace Tim Craven)
16th August Torquay (support to the Kinks)
Roger Brokenshire leaves after these gigs. Acker Snell leaves soon after, leaving Reaction as a four-piece.
15th September The Blue Lagoon, Newquay (support to The Creation)
23rd September The Old Barn Club Penzance
24th September the Guildhall St Ives '1966 Beat Champions just returned from Westcountry tour'
8th October The Guildhall St Ives 'By popular demand  the return of the Reaction Cornwalls BIG sound'
15th October Blue Lagoon, Newquay (support to Anthony James Scene)
22nd Oct Flamingo, Redruth (support to The Mighty Anzacs)
28th Oct City Hall Annexe, Truro Halloween Dance TCGS Swimming Pool fund (may have been recorded by Neil Battersby)
1st Dec BCD entertainments ad 'Promoters Please note that we are now Sole Agents for Cornwall's top group The Reaction'
24th Dec Flamingo Ballroom, Redruth 'Christmas Eve Dance' with Circuit Five and The Spartans
31st Dec The Blue Lagoon ('The Night of the Year' support to Screaming Lord Sutch and the Roman Empire)

UPDATE 8/7/10: I spoke to Mike Dudley yesterday and he said that most of the info on the Record Collector article was obtained from him and Neil Battersby, but there are quite a few errors and inaccuracies and, in addition, he feels he was misquoted in more than one place.

He also said that the band played several gigs in Devon during Summer '66, and the following Summer too.

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