Thursday, 10 June 2010

What we know about Queens first gig pt 1


re Queens first gig at Truro City Hall: Jacky Gunn's book says that the band opened with 'Stone Cold Crazy'. It was nt as polished as they'd have liked and the audience was relatively small, but Freddie 'hadnt played in front of a proper audience before...'

Perhaps more importantly it was the first gig where they glammed up in black and white satin and jewellery. It was also at this time, or very shortly after that Freddie changed his second name from Bulsara to Mercury...

Laura Jackson's biography includes excerpts from interviews with Cornishman Mike Grose who was Queens first bass player. She says he was co-owner of PJs. His comment regarding the gig was 'we tried to hide the gaffes but to be brutally frank we were rough'.

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