Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Denise Craddock

Various Queen biographies have mixed up Sinclair Road and Sinclair Gardens...So thanks to Denise, here is some more accurate information. Denise lived with Pat McConnell in 69, Sinclair Road. It was the flat where Freddie Mercury's first band Ibex stayed, and it was a flat a few hundred yards from Sinclair Gardens where Roger Taylor lived with Les Brown.

Towards the end of 1969 (10/10/69 to be precise) Denise moved to 40, Ferry Road with Roger, Pat and one of Roger's dentist friends...

UPDATE 24/1/11 I spoke to Denise again last night. In fact it was 36 Sinclair Road - though she lived briefly with Freddie in 69, Cunningham Road before moving to Barnes. For most of the time she was in Barnes she shared a room with Pat, whilst Freddie and Roger also shared a room.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Keith Harding and Vaughan Hankins

One of the first things I did when I started the 'Queen in Cornwall' research was to visit Park View in Truro where Roger Taylor lived as a boy. This weekend I returned and spoke to Keith Harding who moved there as a newly married man in 1962. He has lived with his wife in the same house ever since. During the 60's as their immediate neighbour, Keith got to know Roger's family. Later he went on to meet the members of Queen, when he helped them mend a puncture on their van which was parked in the street.

As an electrician Keith also used to help with the lighting at the City Hall in Truro (where Queen played their first concert) and he once provided Roger's first band, The Reaction, with a cable that provided power to their marquee on the cliffs in St Agnes...

Another close neighbour that I spoke to recently was Vaughan Hankins who is the same age as Roger Taylor and was a contemporary at Truro School. Those of you who know Truro may be surprised to see this building in High Cross opposite the main entrance to the Cathedral. The garage was owned by Vaughan's father who provided cars in which Vaughan drove Roger and friends around the county late in 1966...