Tuesday, 8 June 2010

More locations...

For those of you that know Truro these early photos of Roger and his schoolmates were all taken in the Truro area (at least according to Record Collector 1995).

So the one above is in a barn in New Mills owned by the parents of Dave Dowding (the guitarist on the left). And the one below is The Christmas Dance, 1965 at Truro School. Not sure where exactly, perhaps its one of the boarding houses.

UPDATE (9/6/10): Speaking to Ricky Penrose this evening: he remembers rehearsing with The Reaction in Roger Taylor's front room, in the old Boys Club at the bottom of Lemon Street, and in Dave Dowding's barn in Newmills, some years after this photo was taken. He says the barn rehearsal was particularly memorable. It was a hot Thursday in early Summer 1967 when the three-piece (Rick, Mike Dudley and Roger Taylor) got to grips with new Hendrix and Cream material in what turned out to be an important change of musical direction for the band.

UPDATE (23/6/10): Dave Dowding is still in Cornwall. He says the barn in question is at Little Canaan Farm, but has now been converted into a residential dwelling.

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