Saturday, 5 June 2010

Significant Discovery???

Been looking at the microfiches in Truro library. I've found quite a few things of interest, but here's an advert for PJs from The West Briton,16th April 1970 that seems particularly significant in terms of understanding how and when Smile became Queen. It is not mentioned in any of the biographies to my knowledge and it is not, as far as I know, anywhere else on the internet despite the hundreds of existing sites for Queen.

This is significant because it's a public announcement of Smile's intention to split up...but also near the bottom it says '(This concert is in place of Sour Milk Sea as advertised last week)'.

Sour Milk Sea was Freddie Mercury's band before he joined Queen. So it appears Freddie must have been booked to sing in Truro without Brian and Roger which is rather intriguing...

UPDATE 8/6/10: My view on this is that, clearly, its the prerogative of the members of Queen to define the moment when they became Queen - and they have said it was the Truro City Hall gig in 1970...but this advert hints at the fact that Freddie may have had a role with Smile. According to Laura Jackson, Mike Grose, played bass for those gigs but who sang exactly? Brian? Roger? Freddie?...

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