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Reaction gigs (from

This list is probably not that accurate (there are lots of gigs missing) but it is the best list on the the moment anyway

Johnny Quale and the Reactions
15.03.1965 City Hall, Truro, UK
15.04.1965 City Hall, Truro, UK
summer 1965 Blue Lagoon, Newquay, UK
summer 1965 Village Hall, St. Just, UK
summer 1965 The Garden, Penzance, UK
summer 1965 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK

The Reaction
17.11.1965 Methodist Hall, St. Agnes, UK
December 1965 Truro School, Truro, UK
27.12.1965 Schools Christmas Dance, Truro, UK
08.01.1966 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
07.03.1966 City Hall, Truro, UK
12.03.1966 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
17.03.1966 Ballroom, Redruth, UK
17.07.1966 City Hall, Truro, UK
15.08.1966 Dartmouth, Devon, UK
16.08.1966 Town Hall, Torquay, UK
07.01.1967 Ballroom Redruth, Flamingo, UK
24.01.1967 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
28.01.1967 Guildhall, St. Ives, UK
03.03.1967 Flamingo Ballroom, Redruth, UK
04.03.1967 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
10.03.1967 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
11.03.1967 Blue Lagoon, Newquay, UK
31.03.1967 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
21.04.1967 Country Grammar School, Truro, UK
29.04.1967 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
04.05.1967 Skating Rink, Camborne, UK
06.05.1967 The Blue Lagoon, Newquay, UK
27.05.1967 Skating Rink, Camborne, UK
29.07.1967 Beach, Perranporth, UK
31.07.1967 St. Just Village Hall, Cornwall, UK
04.08.1967 Hayle Rugby Club, Cornwall, UK
10.11.1967 Pennace Hotel, Hayle, UK
21.12.1967 Raven Youth Club, Thurnby Lodge, UK
04.07.1968 local beach, Perranporth, UK
13.07.1968 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK

UPDATE 4/6/10: Roger Brokenshire remembers two gigs in 1967 in Mullion Church Hall that are not listed

UPDATE 29/5/10: Rik Evans describes marquee gigs in Trevellas Porth (St Agnes), Mevagissey and Carnon Downs (near Truro) that he helped organise during Summer 1968 as well as the Perranporth concert listed above. Rik says he first met Roger through booking the Reaction to play at weddings and the like. These gigs are also not listed.

UPDATE 10/6/10: Ricky Penrose is adamant that The Reaction played almost every night. They had a manager in Bodmin who booked gigs 'officially' but they also organised gigs themselves so they would n't have to pay him his booking fee. Hence many of the concerts may not have been recorded anywhere and the list above is only a small fraction of the total. 

UPDATE 14/6/10: Ricky remembers a stripper coming on during one of their gigs at Bodmin Gaol. Other gigs played but not listed include Bodmin Town Hall and Par football club: though the Par gig may have been the one in which the stage caught fire after one of Rogers stage tricks went wrong.

UPDATE 19/6/10: Have gone through the West Briton microfiche and found an advert for The Reaction playing at the Godolphin Hall, Helston on Wednesday 28th August 1968. I will put it as a new entry on the blog because it may be significant as being the last time they were advertised to play in Cornwall. There is another advert for July 27th 1968 (Mullion W I Hall) and the one with the Perranporth Surf Life-saving Club (July 7th) but otherwise there don't appear to have been any concerts advertised in late Summer 1968. The Summer Coast Sound Experience gigs must have been advertised more by word of mouth or other means. The Reaction's last gig may well have been at Trevellas Porth in September 1968.

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