Thursday, 3 June 2010

e-mail from John

John, who lives in the house that Roger Taylor (or his mum) lived in until 1972 (?) has also just contacted 'Queen in Cornwall' in response to the West Briton article (see below):
For almost 20 years, I have been the owner of the property in Truro which was originally owned by the Taylors from its construction in 1963, until they sold it in 1972. The few remaining neighbours who were here at the time remember Roger with great fondness.
Anyway, throughout my time here, from time to time devout fans occasionally manage to track down the property and I have on a number of occasions been asked for permission to have their photos taken in the garden. The most recent such visit was only about 3 years ago - and was quite bizarre!
One Sunday morning I was outside washing the car and chatting with one of the remaining original residents, when we were approached by two youngsters (late teens early twenties) who as soon as they spoke made it known that they were on holiday in Cornwall from Germany, and had set about trying to find the property. As usual I was asked to take their photo outside the front door.
My neighbour suggested that some form of memorabilia might be of interest to the pair - who were very keen on taking something home with them. I briefly thought about the garage door - but decided this would not be appropriate for a couple of backpackers.
As it happened, I was about to refit the kitchen, so I quickly prised a couple of wall tiles off the kitchen wall. Horrible looking things they were, a mixture of bright red and black - looked like an explosion in a paint factory. Anyway, these kids were ecstatic and went away with their new treasured possessions.
At the point when I appeared with these tiles in hand to give to the couple, I noticed a wide grin appear on my neighbour's face. After they left, he pointed out to me that he could remember those tiles being fitted in the kitchen by the owners subsequent to the Taylors !!

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