Friday, 20 August 2010

Skiffle 1958

Skiffle looks like it was a really big deal for a couple of years - in Cornwall as it was elsewhere in the country - and there were skiffle contests all over the county.

Not sure why they became so popular and what it was about skiffle that caught people's imagination, but it was something to do with the post-war love affair with all things American: most skiffle, as I understand it, was low-tech DIY jazz and blues.

Some members of The Reaction were in skiffle bands and would have taken part in contests in the City Hall that in the sixties were succeeded by the Rock and Rhythm Championships...

This one was in 1958 in July...It was successful enough to be a sell-out and warrant a rerun in October...that was also a sell-out.

For the record the winners were The Saints, second the Joy Boys and third The Imperials. The other highest ranking groups were Hi Jax, Live Jives, Deadbeats and Vikings. The last group featured a certain Jack Penrose who worked with Roger Brokenshire.

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