Thursday, 12 August 2010

PJs pictures...if you ever visited PJs in Truro is this how you remember it?

Here are some marvelous pictures of Marvelous Kid at PJs...note the low stage that is to one side of the hall (something that a few people have remarked upon from memory) which was to leave space for people to get to the loos which were behind the ribbons...NB these images were taken using a flash: actually it would have been much darker than this, though there may have been primitive 'psychedelic' lighting that the flash has bleached out.

And some quick e-mail notes on Marvelous Kid by Tony Coxon the guitarist, who also remembers Mr Lucifer. If youre reading this thanks a lot Tony!!

MK started out as me, Paul Moon & Steve Betts (after the demise of Joseph when I came back from London with Mike). Later we were joined by Spike Hooper. We started writing our own music, won a West Country competition run by Laney. We won a new PA system and a recording test at Decca which came to nothing. in 1971 we drove up to Glastonbury and played - the 1st year it was called Glastonbury Fayre - We split up for a year when Steve went to London to sing for a band called Granny. We eventually decided to take the band to London and spent a few months writing & rehearsing material at a cottage in Lostwithiel with a new bass player from Exeter, and an Irish sax player. Got to London,changed the sax player, spent 2-3 years playing pubs, clubs Universities, trying to get a records contract... there are a fair amount of photos, newspaper articles from the time..... I've just condensed several years into a few lines.. it should be written up properly!!

Re Mr Lucifer - unfortunately I don't know anything useful. My only contact with them was soon after MK formed we sort of gate-crashed an open-air gig near Gorran - several bands with Mr Lucifer topping the bill. We played a set late afternoon as I recall. I kept the Guardian advert even tho our name wasn't on it!!!

People like Pete and Connie Bawden (Mr PJ himself) says the walls of PJs were plain wood panelling and not painted or patterned at all...but maybe they were painted later...any recollections of visitors to PJ's or other comments on decor or how the club looked from the outside gratefully received!!!!

UPDATE 12/8/10 Tony is 100% sure this is PJs and interestingly Pete Bawden talked of the club having wood paneling. In the first of Tony's pictures there is some moulding visible that would fit the bill. But also above his head in the third picture is some dark varnished wood panelling which may have been the remaining unpainted bit.

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  1. I visited pjs on many occasions and these photos are definitely the club the walls were wood panelled with a mural of jimi hendrix on the wall.