Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bands who played at PJs (more than once)

Apart from Smile who played at PJs 14 times (including on Boxing day 1969)...there were a number of other bands who were regulars there: Mr Lucifer, Onyx, Constable Zippos, Marvelous Kid and a few others: mostly Cornwall-based acts. I 've traced a few of them...though I am very keen to find members of Mr Lucifer because they look like the only band to have shared the bill with Smile...

Meantime here are another band that would be nice to trace: Good Times attending the wedding of their manager in 1969...

Good times played in the Rock and Rhythm championship in 1970 when their line-up was Colin Hannah, guitar, Les Gill, Bass Guitar, Clive Jury, Drums, Louis Rushton, Vocals, Oggy Rigby Special effects, Paul Foster, Organ. The first four were all at the wedding, which was in Cubert.

UPDATE 11/8/10 Speaking to Richard Prest of Kernowbeat Good Times later (around 1970?) became Safron

UPDATE 12/8/10 Andy Brice recalls Constable Zippos Band:  Played guitar based stuff of the day - Crossroads (Cream), Amphetamine Annie (Canned Heat) and the like. Real gifted bassist (Nigel) who drove it along in combination with solid ultra simplistic drummer (a rare talent!) Wynn (guitar/vocs) probably certifiably insane. Unforgettable. I was dimly aware of Reaction as there was a photo of them (maybe from BCD entertainments) along with myriad other bands in foyer of our local hangout Blue shark Club in Looe - don't recall they ever played there. C Zippos played alongside Smile a number of times. Bassist Nigel Chappell ended up working for queen in some capacity - on the financial side I think.

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