Sunday, 22 August 2010

More on skiffle

There were lots of skiffle bands in Cornwall in the late 50s. Roger Taylor's was called the Bubbling Over Boys. I cant think they looked as cute as the Blue Aces though...

Here they are, I think in St Austell, after winning a competition there. The T-shirts were matching yellow with a blue 'A' stitched into them. Thanks to Rick Penrose who's the kid with the guitar in the pic.

Theres a v interesting blog on the early days of British Rock n Roll.

What's nice about this blog is that its a reminder of how important place and places are to understanding how cultural ideas spread. In this case it seems a coffee shop in Soho became the meeting place of all the most important early players in British pop music (Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard etc etc). 

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