Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mr Lucifer

There are members of a few bands who played at PJ's that would be nice to talk to. One such band is Mr Lucifer the only other band apart from Constable Zippo who we know shared the bill with Smile when they played in Cornwall in 1969. Someone mentioned that they might have a link to Cambridge but I did nt follow it up until I saw this ad:

which is one of a few that were placed in the Cornish Guardian in late 1969. Someone on We're All Neighbours (a Cambridge website) remembers Mr Lucifer as a 3 piece with drums, bass and keyboard and suggested I contact Tim Renwick, who suggested I contact Trevor Mannell, who in turn suggested I contact Tony Cousins who is someone who knew the band quite well. (In fact both these gentlemen also remember PJs and Trevor worked there as a doorman). He said the bassist was called Paddy and the drummer was a certain Willie Wilson...and they moved down from Cambridge and lived in Lomorick near Lanivet for a while...

I'm hoping to get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile have a look at this ad from The Cornish Guardian the same year...

UPDATE: 22/10/10 Bob from the Czar/Tuesday's Children website has a picture of Mr Lucifer...Both groups played in the Cambridge Free Festival at the beginning of June 1969, as did a group called 1984, which may have been Brian Mays former band.

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  1. I know a member of Mr Lucifer very well! They certianly do have a connection with Cambridge. If you still want to track them down, please contact me