Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Alan Mair

Alan Mair is a musician himself, who in the sixties was in successful Scottish band The Beatstalkers, but in the 70s he also had several years working in Kensington Market alongside Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. We spoke on the phone for more than an hour this evening.

Alan isn't aware of any photos of the market in the early 70's (though they must exist - so please contact me if someone reading this has one!) but there is an obscure but interesting link with this picture of David Bowie. Manchester Square was where Alan first started making clothes before he moved to the market. He used the offices of the Beatstalkers manager Ken Pitts, who also managed David Bowie. As a result he got to know Bowie, and recalls him calling round to the stall, and being fitted for a pair of boots by Freddie Mercury probably in about 1972.

Alan was really great to talk to and has a good memory of The Greyhound Pub, which was a regular meeting place, and Queen's early gig at the College of Estate Management which was also very near by.

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