Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Kernow Beat

The Kernow Beat website has become a truly amazing resource now and I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding the music of the 60's and how it affected the unique rural county of Cornwall.

Richard the webmaster has recently posted some images of 'The Individuals' who were rivals, really, to Roger Taylor's band The Reaction, and what is nice about the photos is that they really convey a sense of what the old City Hall stage in Truro was like in the 60s. The Reaction played on that stage several times, as in fact did Queen (Queen played there three times I think).

Incidentally, Mike Grose, Queen's first bassist is in the foreground of the lower picture.

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  1. Picture taken by me by the way, Dave Bassett. That's my brother Phil Bassett singing with the Tambourine. Incidentally on the same night this was taken the band supported The Birds who had on Ronnie Wood in their line-up. I also took a picture of him and that can be seen on the same web-site.