Thursday, 3 March 2011

Q Magazine Reaction photo

There was a good interview with Brian and Roger in the March 2011 edition of Q magazine. This was the photograph that most interested me because it is one that hasnt' been published before...It's The Reaction somewhere in Cornwall - but the question is where (and when?)

Mike Dudley is playing the guitar slightly cropped out on the left of the picture, Roger is on the drums, Rick Penrose is on the right playing bass and hidden behind him is 'Acker' Snell...Although Acker isnt really visible but the bottom of his sax is...

UPDATE 5/2/11 I've e-mailed Rick Penrose and John Snell re this image and they reckon it was either taken in the Penmare Hotel (Hayle) or the Blue Lagoon (Newquay)

UPDATE 7/2/11 Here is a scan of the original image - its a bit kinder to Mike Dudley who has half his face missing in the magazine. His rather lovely white Stratocaster is more clearly visible....its easier to make out the details in the background too. Looks like what may be a covered fireplace behind Roger. Interesting too that the gear (guitar cases etc) are there on stage - rather suggests the venue had no dressing room etc therefore perhaps more likely to be the Penmare????

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  1. In 1975 I bought a Hoffner Violin Bass for 20 quid from a guy near Cury - he said it had been played by someone in a band with Roger Taylor from Truro School - I still have it and can quote the serial number - - - would be interested to hear if it is the one in the picture being played by Rick Penrose!
    Jeremy Schanche