Thursday, 8 July 2010

Reaction adverts from 1965 only

Went through the adverts again for Roger Taylor's first band The Reaction, this time looking at late 1965. There are two interesting dates close together that allow us to date Roger 'Sandy' Brokenshire's involvement quite accurately:

21st October Godolphin Hall, Helston ('Beat Dance with Johnny Quell and the Reactions')
20th November Princess Pavilion, Falmouth ('Rikki and the Layabouts supported by The Reactions featuring the original Sandy')

The spelling mistake (Quell not Quale) is unfortunate if amusing. The Reactions did not play at the Flamingo before Xmas '65 but did play on New Years Eve 1965

31st December The Flamingo ('Grand New Years Dance: Your favourites Trendsetters Ltd, The Reactions and The Misfits')

More to come on 1965...but its going to be worth noting that The Who played at the Skating Rink in Camborne in October, and, also that Pete Bawden's group the Staggerlees were busy gigging in Cornwall over Xmas 1965, though Pete may have left by then as he was mainly active with them during '62 and '63

UPDATE: 10/7/10 Some more 1965 adverts sorry theyre a bit mixed up right now
25th September Princess Pavilion Falmouth ('The Couriers supported by Johnny Quale and the Reactions')

It seems Johnny Quale was cursed with a name no-one could spell (though spelling is corrected in the following Thursday edition of the West Briton)
19th April Truro City (Hall?) Beat Spectacular (Johnny Quaile and The Reactions with The Individuals)
This gig was significant as Roger and the others would have played on the same gig as Mike Grose who was in the The Individuals and later played in Queen.

15th March Truro City Hall Rock and Rhythm Championship 'sixteen groups from all parts of Cornwall will be competing'

18th March Rock and Rhythm Championship write up 'One long scream'

In this one the name is spelt wrong yet again:
14th August Princess Pavilion, Falmouth ('Johhny Quale and The Reactions support to The Dowlands and Soundtracks')

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