Thursday, 27 May 2010

A list of the earliest Queen concerts (1970 and 1971)

Sat 27th June - UK, Truro, City Hall (bass Mike Gross)
Sat 18th July - UK, London, Imperial College (bass Mike Gross)
Sat 25th July - UK, Truro, PJ's Club (bass Mike Gross)
Sun 23rd Aug - UK, London, Imperial College (bass Barry Mitchell)
Fri 4th Sept - UK, London, Swiss Cottage Private School (bass Barry Mitchell)
Fri 16th Oct - UK, London, College of Estate Management Hall (bass Barry Mitchell)
Fri 30th Oct - UK, St Helens, College of Technology (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 31st Oct - UK, Liverpool, Cavern Club (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 14th Nov - UK, Hertford, Ballspark College (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 5th Dec - UK, Egham, Shoreditch College (bass Barry Mitchell)
Fri 18th Dec - UK, St Helens, College of Technology (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 19th Dec - UK, St Helens, Congregational Church Hall (bass Barry Mitchell)

Mon 18th Jan - UK, London, Marquee Club (bass Barry Mitchell)
Sat 9th Jan - UK, Ewell, Technical College (bass Barry Mitchell) (setlist)
Fri 19th Feb - UK, London, Hornsey Town Hall (bass Doug Bogie)
Sat 20th Feb - UK, London, Kingston Polytechnic (bass Doug Bogie)
Fri 2nd July - UK, Surrey, College (bass John Deacon)
Sun 11th July - UK, London, Imperial College
Sat 17th July - UK, Penzance, The Gardens
Mon 19th July - UK, Hayle, Rugby Club
Sat 24th July - UK, Wadebridge, Young Farmers Club
Thu 29th July - UK, Penzance, The Gardens
Sat 31st July - UK, Truro, City Hall
Mon 2nd Aug - UK, Hayle, Rugby Club
Mon 9th Aug - UK, St Agnes, Driftwood Spars
Thu 12th Aug - UK, Truro, Tregye Hotel
Sat 14th Aug - UK, Culdrose, NCO's Mess, RAF Culdrose
Tue 17th Aug - UK, Truro, City Hall
Sat 21st Aug - UK, Truro, Tregye, Carnon Downs Festival
Wed 6th Oct - UK, London, Imperial College
Thu 9th Dec - UK, Epsom, Swimming Baths
Fri 31st Dec - UK, Twickenham, Rugby Club

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