Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jim Jenkins and the missing advert

Spoke for ages on the phone to Jim Jenkins this evening. Jim wrote the official Queen biography with Jacky Gunn published in 1992. Jim was one of Queen's first fans and got to know the band well over a long period of time. He was given a lot of memorabilia by the four members of Queen, and for example, was given a copy of the above ad from the West Briton 1971 by John Deacon. Its one that I'd missed first time round. Easily done...Queen's name is written in such minute lettering!

John also kept a diary for a number of years, I believe, in which there are some details of the early gigs, including the gigs in Cornwall in 1971. This was source material used by Jim in the book and passed on later to others, like Martin from Interestingly, talking of memorabilia: John also, apparently, has recordings of Queen made by the late John Harris, their soundman, going back to their first concert in the City Hall in Truro, and possibly before.

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